unpaid work commissioned by

Volodymyr (Vol) Berezhniy

ATAPFund  68 Circular Road #02-01 049422 Singapore

On the 14.07.21 I was appointed unpaid secretary for the Harvard Business School OPM Club by Volodymyr Berezhniy. In the past I had only leadership roles in a few Harvard clubs but I accepted to help.

The content of some of these meetings is interesting to share, and is already in the public domain. So I publish here below some of the notes I took, to amplify the impact of the insights they can convey.
I cannot continue to gift unpaid work for more than 3 months, but I hope those I helped (OPMs, external speakers I lobbied to invite) can reciprocate, helping me to find paid management consulting contracts.
See more info at the end of this page about my experience in management consulting since 2015, and 30 written testimonials about my work in management consulting,  from stakeholders for which I added value.

On the 14.07.21 Volodymyr Berezhniy asked me also a paper with arguments in favour of his eCommerce fund's vision: I proposed I'd draft a three hours contract to change his business model, then write.

(Reasons for this: in 2nd slide on the left)

As he works only with a pro-bono team, for what he told me (and sometimes pays in case he likes the work, but without binding contracts) I had to decline his terms, so at the end I didn't consult him.

14.07.21 _ Vol - Cristina meeting notes
14.07.21 _ Vol - Cristina meeting notes

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19.07.21 Draft _ setting out arguments in favour of Vol's special fund
19.07.21 Draft _ setting out arguments in favour of Vol's special fund

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Pro-Bono Secretarial work to enable the OPM HBS Club monetization

Below you can flip through the notes by using the arrows (hoover on pages). On the left you can download the PDF for each meeting (with hyperlinks to speakers' profiles) or visualise the content on your browser by clicking on the icon. You can also play the audio-grab of these public meetings with the player on the left (although who built the site cropped it). Or you can find the podcast  "Public meetings with owners and presidents"on Spotify, Google and Apple)
02.10.21, 11 am ET, ClubHouse OPM HBS Club_minutes (1)
02.10.21, 11 am ET, ClubHouse OPM HBS Club_minutes (1)

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24.07.21, 11 am ET, ClubHouse OPM HBS Club_minutes
24.07.21, 11 am ET, ClubHouse OPM HBS Club_minutes

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31.07.21, 11 am ET, ClubHouse OPM HBS Club_minutes
31.07.21, 11 am ET, ClubHouse OPM HBS Club_minutes

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Here to follow a list of my consulting capabilities & work precedents

logo consulting.png



  • Status quo analysis & future state solutions to meet strategic goals

  • Strategy planning, implementation

  • JV and M&A feasibility studies

  • Commercial due diligence (CDD)

  • Go to market and new products


  • Tech-enabled process optimisation

  • Digital transformations definition, planning and  project management

  • Operational processes automation

  • Procurement analysis and strategy

  • Cost cutting definition and delivery

Org. Design

  • Organisational design maturity assessment & phased re-design

  • Targeted Operating Models 

  • Corporate governance maturity assessment, future states design

  • Transformation & change projects


  • Learning and Development (L&D) programs, courses and workshops creation, delivery and evaluation

  • People performance assessment

  • Change management training

  • Interviewing of potential hires


  • Primary and secondary research

  • Knowledge management

  • Industries & best practice insights

  • Market quantitative research

  • Stakeholders interviews for data gathering & qualitative research


  • Data analysis and visualisation for diagnostics & scenarios forecasting 

  • Main software used: Excel, Python, Tableau, Tibco Spotfire, Think-Cell

  • Investment valuation modelling

  • Data driven decks & presentations


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All 30 written comments regarding Cristina's work are evidenced in writing by their original MS Outlook files and a S.A.R. received via email, archived in its original delivery email.

“As a project manager Cristina has consistently worked at Senior Consultant level.

She has managed the rollout of our biggest process improvement project.

The training guide she produced for the process improvement project was excellent and will be a key enabler for the transition phase.

I have been particularly impressed with her analytical skills and her ability to break problems down into key components and identify workable solutions.

Her briefings have been well researched and to a very high standard.”

— Stuart Bourn, Managing Director at Ernst & Young LLP