We deploy our corporate-level talent to help SME and post-seed Start Ups to get fit for the new digital world: enabling change for long term objectives, working in an agile manner, at a more affordable price point than corporate advisory firms.

Who We Are

A management consulting firm focusing on excellence in providing independent business consultants and advisors, who can add value by working collaboratively in your consulting teams. Additionally, Evolution provides advisory-projects support: PMO, L&D, data analytics, research.


Our Independent Consultants have the corporate-level talent and skill-set to help SMEs and Post-Seed Start Ups who need to adapt to the pandemic and post pandemic world, and cannot afford corporate-consulting brands to shape and deliver the long term change they need, now more than ever.
Our refined methodologies from Big4 and other corporate legacies make us more flexible, more impact orientated, more agile and client friendly, and contractable at a much better price point than corporate consulting firms.


Email us at info@evolution-consult.com​ to schedule a time to talk with us.

We are launching with one consultant and one project support resource, and we are ready to grow our team at short notice, thanks to our talent pipeline, available to be on-boarded according to business demand.

Our Team

Our resources are proud to be appreciated for the value of their work, contributing to teams and clients' mandates, exceeding expectations. They believe their B2B clients should treat neutrally the way they look, their accent, gender, age for a role, assumed social status, religious faith, nationality, and all other perceived personal characteristics.


For this reason, we don't publish their real photos, that allow to infer age and race and other unconscious bias triggers, or can lead some clients to select contracting resources prioritising their looks to their .

Clara, managing Director

I am passionate about Evolution's purpose to help SME and post-seed Start Ups, cash-strapped by the pandemic and in need of  affordable advisory to adapt to our new world.
We can serve them at a better price point by reducing our margin, not adding to our consultants pocketed fees a 80%+ price mark-up on what we charge clients, as large firms do. 
High quality consulting work requires postgraduate studies, well rounded experience, continuous investment in learning, bright minds: we don't give away our resources as freebies. We want financial independence for all, especially for women and POC:
we aim in fact to contribute to end the 'pandemic facilitated' trend of increased violence by men on women, which is enabled by the fact that unpaid women have little choice about where to live, due to their luck of financial autonomy to relocate.
We want to "be the change we want to see in the world", starting from the UK, where we are based. We are also keen to work from home full time, serving globally located companies.

Cristina, Senior Consultant

I have been working in London since 2006: in the built environment design at first, then since 2015 in management consulting & advisory.
I shifted career as I discovered my passion about consulting when I took my first business classes, cross-registering in two MBA programs during my second postgrad degree.
My continuous drive for excellence led to high quality consulting work, which has been validated by my project's stakeholders 30+ great comments about the value I added:
you can read what my clients and colleagues said about the value I added at the end of this page, or on the Projects pages on this site.
This year I took advantage of my cancelled commuting time to learn how to use new digital tools, such as Tableau and Python. I am also studying law: my other big passion! 
I look forward to collaborating with your teams of outsourced or in-house advisors. I am available full-time via conferencing, or in-person if you are based in England.
II am enthusiast about the current accelerated digitalisation, which allows me to work from home and enjoy the countryside. (Although it pains me that this change is driven by a pandemic, rather than by a desire of progress in civilisation). 
I am keen to receive all your work requests via email or phone call, as there should not be need to video conference to help and add value. However, I am flexible about this.
I am fulfilled by being a good doer, who gets work done: well,  timely, methodically & efficiently.
Task-oriented and instructions-driven tasks are my best way to deliver value. I am happy to leave to the consultants working in teams the most intellectually challenging work: thanks to their studies and experience they have better problem solving, critical thinking, solutions  shaping skills.
I am keen to work behind the scenes, liberating yours and your team's highly valuable hours from  low-visibility work I can carry out, so you can focus on your career-growth work.

Joe, Project Support

Evolution Consulting is the B2B core offering of Evolution MCB Group Ltd.
It also manages the B2C service streams: Evolution Wellness, Style, Language.
Evolution Consulting's  values, mission and goals are aligned to those of its entire group of services.

our Group

Mission and Values

The Evolution MCB Group's mission is inspiring and helping individuals, teams and businesses to achieve growth objectives, by being for them a personal and business performance improvement advisor and enabler, for the positive measurable changes they want to achieve. Read more

Visions and Goals

Within 3 years the Group aims to offer its Wellness, Style and Languages services also to businesses, B2B (currently offered only to individuals, B2C), to triple its first year revenue (2021-22), to fivefold the headcount of staff working for the group to deliver, having served 1K+ customers. Read more

B2C Group offering

Currently the Group serves retail customers with its offering in the areas of Wellness (restorative yoga, chef classes, nutritional plan), Style (graphic design for branding, marketing and personalised gifts, photography and styling of its subjects, fashion e-store, personal shopper) and services that leverage our staff's fluency in foreign Languages (Spanish, Italian and French for translations, tutoring and holidays planning). Read more


All testimonials are about our consultant Cristina, as  we are initially launching Evolution Consulting with her as our key resource, experienced in all the services that we offer.


All the 30 written feedback on her are evidenced in writing by their original MS Outlook files, or Subject Access Request received via email, archived in its original delivery email.

“As a project manager Cristina has consistently worked at Senior Consultant level.

She has managed the rollout of our biggest process improvement project.

The training guide she produced for the process improvement project was excellent and will be a key enabler for the transition phase.

I have been particularly impressed with her analytical skills and her ability to break problems down into key components and identify workable solutions.

Her briefings have been well researched and to a very high standard.”

— Stuart Bourn, Managing Director at Ernst & Young LLP

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